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Medical Provider Use of rtNOW

Provider Summary:

rtNOW is the first tele-health service focused on supporting the medical community in cases involving respiratory care.  The contracting organization you are providing your services to has recognized the benefit of supporting their staff, at the point of care, to optimize the respiratory care of their patients.

The service is available 24/7 and may be initiated by nursing staff or providers.  One call summons a registered respiratory therapist licensed to provide care in the state where the patient is located.  rtNOW is a contract service with the organization and does not do third party billing.

The rtNOW tele-health platform is HIPAA compliant and is based on the use of an iPad securely attached to a medical grade stand.  Staff are encouraged to use the system as the contract includes unlimited use of the system.

Examples of how rtNOW may be used:

  • Respiratory equipment questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Patient care questions
  • Respiratory Care Assess and Treat protocols
  • Education
  • Discharge education


Benefits for You:

  • You can get a respiratory therapist’s assessment of a situation in cases where a patient’s pulmonary condition is in question.
  • This is a resource for you.  The landscape of respiratory equipment changes often.
  • Assistance during times when you just wish you had a respiratory therapist take a “quick look” at a patient situation or equipment issue.
  • We are available 24/7 so if someone has a respiratory issue in the middle of the night we can screen the situation before waking you up.



Collaboration with the local healthcare team is essential to success in the care of patients.  rtNOW is a service meant to augment care and speed the effective and efficient delivery of respiratory care to the patient at very low cost to the institution.

Effective monitoring of individuals with pulmonary conditions by a respiratory therapist speeds the delivery of care to the individual.  A win-win situation for all involved as this can affect the rate of transfers out of your facility.

For more information contact your organizational administrator.  Check out the rest of the rtNOW website.


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