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Since 2015, rtNOW has provided support to inpatient care teams in critical access facilities and skilled nursing facilities.  Our solution provides a medical grade, rolling stand with an iPad.  The iPad is remotely managed, and is pre-loaded with our HIPAA-compliant, proprietary telehealth rtNOW app and training resources (training videos).

When your staff has a respiratory care need, they contact our telerespiratory therapists with a phone call or with the tap of a button on the iPad.  Our experienced respiratory therapists provide confidence to your staff by helping them with equipment issues, and making decisions about care.  We are able to assist with patient assessments and care plans for respiratory disease management.  We can place our iPads both in the emergency department and on med-surg units.   Our team is familiar with common respiratory devices for both non-invasive, and invasive ventilation and are able to care for the patients with the assistance of the physicians or nursing staff. 

We start with a discovery call to learn more about your needs, and then create an implementation plan including a go-live date.  We create a customized dashboard with your equipment and policies and procedures, so that our telerespiratory therapists have quick insight into your particular situation.  We are able to notate with your EMR, or provide documentation through other means.

Our pricing is inclusive, so that you can encourage your staff to user our telerespiratory therapists as much as possible.

For more information, call (833) 786-6948, email connect@rtnow.net or visit our contact page.