What is rtNOW?

rtNOW is an innovative telerespiratory service for any organization that takes care of patients with cardio-pulmonary conditions.

Your patients may need the services of a respiratory therapist, when your respiratory therapist is not available or if you do not employ respiratory therapists but your organization may have not have a therapist, or may have one part-time. We can assist in situations such as these with our telehealth platform for on-demand, bedside access to a professional telerespiratory therapist.

How does it work?

rtNOW is unique and a first in the respiratory care field. A user can connect directly with a respiratory therapist by simply tapping an icon. The provided iPad (on a rolling, medical grade stand) uses high quality video, allowing our telerespiratory therapist to not only answer questions, but view settings on respiratory equipment, visually assess a patients’ status, provide just-in-time education, and troubleshoot equipment issues. 

When we begin working with your organization we will do a comprehensive review of your current respiratory therapy policies, making suggestions that follow clinical practice guidelines. We will make sure your patients are getting the very best in current treatment pathways. In addition we will suggest opportunities for how rtNOW can be used.

Is it user friendly?

Absolutely! We have paired an Apple iPad encased in an antimicrobial protective case with a hospital grade wheeled stand.

It is a setup that is easy to transport and easy to use. Your staff will feel confident in using it daily.

Who answers the calls?

We hire only experienced, licensed, professional respiratory therapists, with excellent critical thinking skills. The respiratory call staff have an average of 22 years of experience.

What are the technology requirements?

We provide all needed technology, from the software to the hardware. The only thing your organization needs to provide is a strong and secure wifi connection.

Does this mean we don’t need to have an RT on staff?

The beauty of rtNOW is another set of professional eyes available 24/7. We can support your organization whether you employ a respiratory therapist or not. If your organization has a respiratory therapist on staff, we are a valuable resource for nights,weekends, or anytime your respiratory therapist needs a peer-to-peer consult. If you don’t employ a respiratory therapist, you can rest easy knowing that your staff can still have access to a respiratory  therapist at the point of care when they need it. If you would like boots-on-the-ground as well, our parent company CORE Staffing specializes in staffing respiratory therapists.

Is it expensive?

Compared to not being able to provide specialized respiratory therapy assistance to patients in need, the cost for rtNOW is minimal. In fact, preventing a single readmissions or transfers can pay for an entire year of the rtNOW service.  Consider the cost-savings of having respiratory coverage for your staff and patients on weekends, holidays, and snow days (for your northerners). In addition, consider the HR and time savings to your company. Our telerespiratory therapists are experienced, trained, and ready to help at the tap of a button.  It is a cost-effective, turn-key solution.

Our staff can do this. Why would we need rtNOW?

We believe that patients with pulmonary conditions deserve to have access to the services of a respiratory therapist.

Respiratory therapists are the only health care professional specifically trained in lung physiology and disease management. The benefit of this availability of this skill set has been proven to save money and resources by reducing, if not eliminating, misallocation of resources. Studies conducted as far back at 1996 have proven that protocols directed by and implemented by respiratory therapists are more effective at reducing the cost of care and improving outcomes. 1, 2, 3, 4

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