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Case Studies

Case Study 1: Prevented Transfer – Tracheostomy Change

Respiratory Therapist Jordan explains a real-life situation where rtNOW was able to assist a nurse at a nursing home when a resident was in respiratory distress. She was able to user her unique skillset, and the nurse’s hands, to diagnose the problem and walk the nurse through a tracheostomy change. Without rtNOW, the resident probably would have been transferred out of the skilled nursing facility.

Case Study 2: The Christmas Miracle – Transfer Avoided

Respiratory Therapist Bryan explains how he, and other rtNOW agents, used rtNOW during a Christmas holiday to prevent a patient from being transferred out of a small rural hospital so she could spend Christmas with her family.

Case Study 3: Anxious Patient Calmed

Respiratory Therapist Chris explains how he used rtNOW to calm an anxious patient who was trying to take of his BiPAP mask, and direct the staff on-site to use prescribed anti-anxiety medication.

Case Study 4: Baby Stabilized Before Airlift

Respiratory Therapist Jordan explains how rtNOW was used to optimize a baby’s respiratory status before being airlifted to a larger facility.

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