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Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM)

Staff RPM with rtNOW!

You can provide scaleable growth in remote physiologic monitoring (formerly called remote patient monitoring).  Our remote physiologic monitoring division provides you with not only fully vetted and licensed telerespiratory therapists, but also nurses, allied health, and other disciplines through our parent company CORE Staffing.

Together, we can help you take advantage of CPT codes: 99457 and 99458.

Our staff can be trained as a part of your remote physiologic monitoring team –  seamlessly integrating with your policies and procedures.   We can hire based on your needs – full-time, part-time, or per-call (allowing for elastic pricing).  Our staff can be instructed according to your preferred escalation pathways (which we can help you develop), trained in your software, and they can provide either clinical or general (non-clinical) support such as equipment troubleshooting.

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