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rtNOW Certified Program

rtNOW Certification

Being “rtNOW certified” means that a product has passed through rtNOW’s internal testing and is compatible with rtNOW processes.  Customers can purchase a product knowing that rtNOW has tested it, used it, found it to be beneficial, and that the product can easily be integrated with rtNOW services.

rtNOW Certification provides manufacturers and service companies an additional element of public relations authority when selling their product.

rtNOW can certify on a variety of tracts.  Certifications are valid for 2 years, and can be extended indefinitely in 2-year intervals at no charge providing no substantial changes have occurred in the product, service, or industry.

As rtNOW agents can be used in a wide range of scenarios.  Examples include usability testing, RPM, bedside consultations, and inpatient pilots.  As we examine a product we may be able to suggest appropriate verticals, or in some cases provide immediate opportunities in other verticals or public relations opportunities directly to respiratory therapists.

Timeline and Pricing


Phase 1: Discovery

During the discovery phase we get to know the objectives of the potentially certified company. These objectives may include usability testing, clinical feedback, pilot locations, public relations opportunities, etc. The goal here is to see if rtNOW certification is a good fit for company objectives.

Phase 2: Program Development

Contracts are signed and we move begin program development. rtNOW provides the appropriate project lead, supervision, and resources to work with the company.  As every company has different objectives, programs are highly customized.  There is not a simple checklist, but rather true program development.  This can happen remarkably fast due to our resources in respiratory care and education.  The goal is to give assurance to both the applying company and rtNOW that the product has been vetted, and that rtNOW believes it is of benefit to respiratory care patients and will uphold the reputation rtNOW has attained.  Emphasis is placed on designing a program that meets company objectives and is reported accurately and efficiently for subsequent evaluation.

Phase 3: Program Execution.

Phase 3 involves the execution of the program.  It may involve shipping products, staffing, training, reporting, in- or out-patient pilots, etc.  As each program is customized, timelines for execution are customer dependent.

Phase 4: Analysis

rtNOW provides feedback and reporting according to the program guidelines.

Phase 5: Certification

If the product or service has been determined to be beneficial to respiratory patients, staff, and at a standard that upholds rtNOW’s reputation for excellence, then certification is awarded.  Certification is not guaranteed with program development and execution, but assuming the product performs as described and the program revealed no defects, certification is usually awarded.

Certification usually comes with a mutually beneficial public relations campaign that may include:

  • Joint press releases, interviews, etc. with rtNOW’s press contacts.
  • Access to rtNOW’s “bullpen” of RTs who are eager to work with rtNOW and hungry for content.
  • Social media tactics.
  • The rtNOW Certified seal.


Pricing depends on the product tested and certification program tract.  For certain products and strategic relationships, testing may be free.

For more information, contact Justin Hawley at justin@rtnow.net