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rtNOW Certified Program

rtNOW Certification

rtNOW Certification provides manufacturers and service companies an additional element of public relations authority when selling their product.  Being “rtNOW certified” means that a product has passed through rtNOW’s internal testing and is compatible with rtNOW processes.  Customers can purchase a product knowing that rtNOW has tested it, used it, found it to be beneficial, and that the product can easily be integrated with rtNOW services.

rtNOW can certify products we have thoroughly tested and used with patients in a telerespiratory care setting.  Certifications are valid for 2 years, and can be extended to 5 years at no charge providing no substantial changes have emerged.

As rtNOW agents can be used in a wide range of scenarios (RPM, bedside consultations, equipment troubleshooting) and in a wide variety of sectors (clinical, educational, technological) rtNOW Certification may have additional benefits.  As we examine a product, we may be able to use it across all of rtNOW, suggest appropriate verticals, or in some cases provide immediate opportunities in other sectors.

Timeline and Pricing


Phase 1: Internal Testing.

Before we test a product in a clinical environment, we test it internally.  Products must pass Phase 1 before moving to Phase 2.

Internal testing is product dependent, and can involve a wide variety of parameters, including:

  • Ease of Connection
  • Reliability of Connection
  • Data Accuracy
  • End User Experience
  • Operation inOS environments

Testing is customized to each product and takes into account legal status, the need addressed, and product or service intended use and goals.

Phase 2: Clinical Testing.

A product that has passed Phase 1 may then be brought into Phase 2.  In this phase, we will “pilot” the product at an appropriate facility or end-user environment.  Feedback will be generated and a final determination will be made whether or not the product is eligible for rtNOW Certification.  Not all products need clinical testing for rtNOW certification.  Determination will be made by rtNOW whether or not phase 2 is needed.


Pricing depends on the product tested and certification program path.  For certain products and strategic relationships, testing may be free.

For more information, contact Justin Hawley at justin@rtnow.net