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What is "Telerespiratory"?

Telerespiratory is the delivery of respiratory therapy using telecommunications technologies without a respiratory therapist physically present at the point of care.

rtNOW is credited with being a pioneer of “telerespiratory” by the AARC. We are the world’s foremost experts in delivering respiratory therapy via telehealth.

The rtNOW telerespiratory suite includes both inpatient and outpatient solutions.

rtNOW’s inpatient solution provides an iPad, a proprietary video chat app, and a rolling, medical-grade stand.  Staff at hospitals and skilled nursing facilities can bring the unit into a patient or resident’s room, and speak with a highly experienced respiratory therapist at the tap of a button.  It can be used to supplement existing coverage, as well as a provide a 24/7/365 solution.

Outpatient solutions include HME/DME telerespiratory support via “HME On-Call”, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) account management, and even “boots-on-the-ground” staffing support through our parent company CORE Staffing.

Our telerespiratory therapists come from many different areas in the United States. They all have a minimum of 5 years of experience and are screened for excellence.  Upon a call, the therapists immediately know the equipment your staff has on-site, and will be able to guide them in caring for complex respiratory patients and residents.  They can also represent your company through custom scripts to maintain brand awareness, notate calls, and for some solutions report customer satisfaction.

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