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Founded in 2016, rtNOW is a leading telehealth and telerespiratory provider of a turnkey healthcare solution and software that benefits patients, hospitals systems, nurses, providers and  respiratory therapists.
rtNOW’s proprietary software platform brings bedside respiratory therapy to your patients, hospital staff, respiratory therapists, and nurses to collaborate virtually through a HIPAA compliant iPad. This telerespiratory resource provides just-in-time staff and patient education, troubleshooting invasive and non-invasive ventilation and respiratory consultation with licensed professional respiratory therapy experts. Our service provides real-time pulmonary rehabilitation, respiratory treatments, diagnosis, and training or consultation with respiratory therapy experts. This respiratory therapy training can be offered through the rtNOW app maximizing value for you and your staff. You can rest easy knowing that your staff is covered at all times by our expert telerespiratory therapists. 

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