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rtNOW makes it our mission to improve health and health care quality by aligning with the National Quality Strategy1

Benefits for the Organization:

  • Support safe delivery of respiratory care techniques through trained telerespiratory therapists.
  • Strengthen person and family engagement as partners in their care through bedside education.
  • Promote communication and coordination of care with the patient and care providers.
  • Promote prevention and treatment of chronic pulmonary diseases, especially for COPD and Asthma management.
  • Make care affordable by reducing inconsistencies and optimizing the respiratory care of patients.
  • Decrease readmission penalties 
  • Reduced patient transfers from critical access locations

Benefits for a Director of Nursing:

  • Expansion of telehealth service offerings
  • Increased staff confidence with the respiratory aspects of patient care
      • Support your staff with up-to-date resources for respiratory procedures that are low volume high acuity. seldom used.
      • Night-time and weekend support for respiratory consults
      • rtNOW  can help bring respiratory care protocols up-to-date based on current best practices. clinical practice guidelines.
      • Cost savings through reduced misallocation of respiratory care
      • Customized telerespiratory training options for small groups

Benefits for a bedside care provider:

      • On-demand telehealth service.  Use rtNOW anytime you need respiratory support or have questions on patient care.
      • Telerespiratory therapist availability 24/7
      • Live video chat conference technology is more effective than a voice-only call. 
      • Point-of-care training on respiratory care

Benefits for patients:

      • Health benefits from the latest respiratory care protocols
      • Increased confidence from Nurses in care provided
      • Reduced patient transfers from critical access locations



  1. http://www.ahrq.gov/workingforquality/nqs/nqsfactsheet.htm