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rtNOW can be used in patient homes to effectively manage respiratory diseases in a variety of ways, including remote patient management (RPM), providing a touchpoint with a licensed respiratory therapist and preventing hospital readmissions.

rtNOW can prevent readmissions with inpatient patients and residents as well.  The easiest way to understand the inpatient landscape begins with an understanding of how respiratory care staffing works in critical access hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.  The long and short of it is that there is a respiratory therapist (RT) shortage.  Rural areas bear the brunt of this, and most rural hospitals and skilled nursing facilities do not have the ability to staff respiratory therapists 24-7.  Some are fortunate to get an RT to stop by once a week, but many are unable to have any form of respiratory therapy support.  Regardless, it is insufficient for the need.

As a result, nurses are left to manage respiratory patients with very limited knowledge.  When a patient is in respiratory distress their answer is frequently to transfer the patient to a larger hospital that has an RT on staff.  It is a move that is understandable, but also oftentimes completely avoidable.

The expense of such emergency respiratory transfers, combined with readmission penalties, is substantial for insurers.  rtNOW has testimonies of nurses using rtNOW to avoid these kind of transfers, and we can provide more information on how we can work together to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

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