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HME On-Call

rtNOW allows you to be a hero to your respiratory therapists with our innovative “HME On-Call” program.

Be the Hero to Your RT

A major cause of respiratory therapist burnout in the HME/DME world is unnecessary patient interactions.  Could anything be more demoralizing than consistently waking up in the middle of the night and then being expected to be refreshed and happy about the next day?  You can provide a “release valve” for your respiratory therapist with HME On-Call.  Our respiratory therapists can take your general troubleshooting calls, leaving your staff RTs to deal with only the necessary calls. Clearing up these unnecessary calls results in a happier RT with less turnover!

Focus on Your Core Business

With rtNOW, you can focus on your core business.  We integrate easily into your existing workflow, and have processes in place to maintain your brand with your patients in both word and deed.  Our staff is equipped to troubleshoot phone calls, or if needed they can utilize a proprietary HIPAA compliant video telehealth solution called “CoreLink” that does not require an app download of the patient.  Our therapists can make patient notes within your existing software, or with our own technology.  In addition, we can report a wide variety of metrics, including number and type of calls.  As an added bonus, our unique position in healthcare can provide opportunities to pilot emerging technology from rtNOW Certified manufacturers, or be involved in research from our clients in higher learning.

About our RTs

All rtNOW respiratory therapists have a minimum of 5 year of experience, with the average being around 15 years.  They are critical thinkers, who believe passionately in patient care.

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