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Higher Education

rtNOW Telerespiratory Solutions for Higher Education

rtNOW is not only a telerespiratory pioneer, but an educational resource for universities and other institutions of higher learning.  If you are a program director wondering how to train your students on the delivery of respiratory care over telehealth (called “telerespiratory” care), we are the experts that can make it happen.

Recognized by the AARC as a pioneer in the field, we have educated thousands of respiratory therapists on all aspects of telerespiratory care, and are committed to training the next generation of respiratory therapists in all aspects of delivering respiratory care via telehealth.

Our services range from telehealth clinicals, to telerespiratory course material, to joint educational opportunities with other institutions, manufacturers, and clinicians.  Solutions are highly customized.

As each educational program has its own strengths and weaknesses, we will start with a phone call to hear more about your problems, needs, and resources.  We will then provide meaningful input and a clear path to meet the needs of your program and educational institution.

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Telehealth Clinicals

Healthcare education has been thrown upside-down since COVID-19.  Like many educational institutions, you are probably asking unprecedented questions such as:

How do we handle clinical experiences when students are not allowed near a hospital?

How do we get our students to interact with real patients?

How does tele-healthcare happen in the “real world”?

How can we create critical thinkers to lead tomorrow’s healthcare environment?

How can we be positioned to understand and teach emerging changes in healthcare?

If these questions sound familiar, we have answers.

Our respiratory care telehealth clinical experience is always customized, but is largely composed of two parts:

1. CoreLink Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Clinicals.

This unique service offers a rare opportunity for students to engage with patients in the emerging healthcare delivery model of remote patient monitoring (RPM).  Students will join an rtNOW-provided telerespiratory therapist educator on scheduled visits with patients to review patient data, interact with patients, and solve problems.

2. CORE Telehealth.

This HIPAA-compliant software is used by rtNOW to connect our telerespiratory therapists to patients in a hospital setting.  It consists of a web portal, and iPad(s), proprietary software, and a medical-grade rolling stand.  If desired, you can also manage your own fleet of iPads, and install the software separately. You can use the system at medical facilities you currently have a contract with.  The preceptor simply rolls the stand with them and is responsible for student/patient interactions.

If this is interesting to you, call(833) 786-6948 to learn more.

Telerespiratory Course Material

Are you looking for course material on telerespiratory care?  We can provide educational modules encompassing a wide variety of topics to  enhance your program or provide the basis for an entire course.

Joint Educational Opportunities.

As healthcare trends toward the home environment, it is important to train students how to interact with healthcare teams across disciplines and beyond the boundaries of physical space.  rtNOW is pioneering educational opportunities that break down barriers and improve healthcare.   For example, we can assist in multi-disciplinary telehealth simulations for educational institutions where other disciplines exist.  For those institutions that are interested in collaboration beyond their own walls, we can bring together multiple institutions for joint educational opportunities in an inter- or intra-disiplinary fashion.

The bottom line:  We help you raise up critical-thinking students who are better-prepared for the healthcare landscape of tomorrow.

Want to learn more?  Call (833) 786-6948 or visit our contact page.