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COVID-19 Solutions

What options does rtNOW have for COVID-19?

1. CoreLink.

An extremely simple solution for your staff to initiate a HIPAA compliant video chat with either our respiratory therapists, or your own staff.  The provider logs into the system, enters a patient phone number or email, and a link valid for 1 hour is sent directly to the patients smart device or computer.  When a patient clicks on the link, a video conference with the provider automatically begins.  Scheduling happens outside of CoreLink, in your own preferred scheduling utility.

  • Specific COVID-19 benefits of CoreLink:
      • Mitigate exposure by keeping BOTH providers and patients at home.
      • Utilize our registered and locally licensed respiratory therapists, or your own staff.
      • Extremely simple and powerful entry-level solution for COVID-19.
      • HIPAA/HITECH compliant.
      • Opportunities for quarantined or otherwise light-duty employees who are otherwise healthy to mitigate claims on your workers compensation.

2. rtNOW (INCLUDES CoreLink).

The full-service offering provides a medical-grade iPad and rolling stand, pre-loaded and locked down with a proprietary app that can directly connect your staff and patients to a licensed and registered respiratory therapist in your state.  It requires your staff to only make a phone call and tap a button.  Our RTs can see the environment, including ventilator settings, and offer guidance to your staff as needed for consults, equipment troubleshooting, recommendations, etc.  We can even review or help you create RCATs.

  • Mitigate exposure by keeping BOTH providers and patients at home.
  • Provides respiratory care specific expertise, including ventilator support.
  • Can be used to supplement your current RT department (nights and weekends, or second opinions for example).
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
  • Customized packages may be available.Specific COVID-19 benefits:

3. CORE Telehealth (INCLUDES CoreLink).

A private-labeled version of rtNOW, for situations where you do not require additional staffing but still want the ability to schedule your staff and route calls accordingly.  This can also be upgraded to supplement with our RTs

  • Specific COVID-19 benefits:
      • Mitigate exposure by keeping BOTH providers and patients at home.
      • Quick upgrade paths if supplemental respiratory therapists are needed.
      • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant

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