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Client Onboarding Template

Hello!  Welcome to your customized onboarding page.  We  hope you find this page to be as simple and efficient as rtNOW, and if you have any questions please contact us at your convenience.

This page will serve as a checklist for onboarding your organization with rtNOW.  Items we need to gather or complete are highlighted in red.  Items we have received or completed are in black.

The password to get into this page is: password here

rtNOW Contact Information:

Main point of contact: Curt Merriman.  612-760-0904.  curt@rtnow.net .
Communications/Technical contacts:

Justin Hawley. 507-202-0715.  justin@rtnow.net
Bryan Wattier. 507-398-3565. bryan@rtnow.net 

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