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rtNOW Bullpen

The purpose of this page is to assist those respiratory therapists who have asked us the question, “When are you coming to my state?”

If you would like to help us break into your state, the following tools are here to assist you.

Referral Form

We can contact people or organizations you know of that may be a good fit for rtNOW.  This is good for us, because they are a “warm lead” and we may have an easier time getting past the gatekeeper.  To do this, please visit the referral page and don’t forget to leave your name if acceptable so we can mention you.

Supporting Materials

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is simply to hand someone a flyer while you speak with them, or email a contact a .pdf that explains rtNOW a bit more.  In these instances, please feel free to use the following materials.

3 Ways Your Organization can Benefit from Telerespiratory Flyer: (click on the image below, then right-click and select “save image as…”)

Flyer for Critical Access Hospitals (pdf)

Flyer for Skilled Nursing Facilities (pdf)

Sample Email

If you are unsure what to say in an email, you can copy and paste this (feel free to modify):

I recently came across this company that specializes in respiratory therapy telehealth.  They can provide both supplemental and full-time coverage over an iPad and a HIPAA compliant app.  It is under $5/hr.  The website is www.rtnow.net.