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Welcome Wisconsin RT!

Welcome to the rtNOW website!  You probably have a lot of questions, so let’s get those out of the way first…

What is rtNOW?

rtNOW is the world’s first RT specific telehealth solution.  We were created by RTs in Minnesota, currently have clients in health systems and independent hospitals and skilled nursing facilities across Minnesota, Missouri, and soon Wisconsin.

How does it work?

We have created a proprietary app that allows staff at our client facilities (usually nurses, but sometimes other respiratory therapists, doctors, etc.) to connect with you from the comfort of your home.  Currently, it starts with a phone call.  You do not need to be in front of the computer while on-call.  Just able to get to your computer within 5-10 minutes to field a HIPAA compliant video-chat.  You schedule the chat with the staff member, and they will call you on an iPad at their facility, which is located at the bedside.

In the meantime, you log into our app from your home computer, and prepare to take the call.  When they call from the iPad, the video pops up, as well as appropriate information about the client.  You field the call just as you were there.  The iPad on-site can be maneuvered to see settings, patients, or the staff.

Eventually we will provide instant care that will require you to always be present at your computer at home.  However, this will also carry a wage increase and is a few years away.

What do I get paid?

We are currently paying $4/hr plus a $50 bonus for taking a call (initial, not follow-up).  It is like getting paid to live your life at home, and if you do get a call – hey!  $50!  And you did it all from your home!  And the base pay increases with the more states you become licensed in!  (More about that below).  This can be a great opportunity to earn a little spending money doing something good for rural hospitals throughout Wisconsin.

Anything else?

You need to have 5 years of experience under your belt.  We will need you to also get licensed in other states as well.  We will reimburse these costs, and it will not be required before you start.  Pay increases at tiers with additional state licenses.  Our main need is to get competent RTs in Wisconsin to field calls from Wisconsin hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

How do I apply?

Go to this link: https://rtnow.net/rtnow-application-for-employment/

Feel free to share it with friends!

We empower respiratory care.  With you!