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HME Onboarding

HME Onboarding.

Hello!  This page will helps us to quickly get your HME/DME company up and running with rtNOW.  We can onboard a new client in as little as 24 hours, provided the steps below are followed.

rtNOW Contact Information:

Main point of contact: Curt Merriman.  833-786-6948.  curt@rtnow.net .

Service Overview:

rtNOW On-Call provides a fully vetted telerespiratory therapist available 24/7/365 to any state in the United States.  Your employees or call answering service transfer a call to a unique number (provided), and our RTs conduct the call under your brand as though they are working at your business.  We troubleshoot equipment with proprietary video telehealth software, and calls can be escalated to your technician or “boots-on-the-ground” RT as you wish. We have the ability to notate the call and provide this for follow-up purposes.  We report back to you monthly, and prices are per-call and scaleable – incentivizing use and growth.

Step 1: Provide Information

    Designated Lead Name

    Designated Lead Contact Information

    Company Name

    Facility Address

    Facility Time Zone

    Facility Phone Number

    Facility Fax Number

    Respiratory Equipment (Check all that apply).
    Oxygen TanksInvacare Perfecto2 Oxygen Concentrator – 5LPMPhilips Respironics Everflo ConcentratorSimply Go – O2 Concentrator – PhillipsOxylife IndependenceInvacare UltraFillInvacare HomeFillNebulizersHeated HumidityHumidity to TrachPhillips Respironics Cough AssistOximeter - Nellcor PM100NOximeter -Nonin N-560Ventilation - Sip and Puff Ventilation / MouthpieceVentilationVentilation - Trilogy 100Ventilation - LTV1150Enteral FeedingJoey PumpInfinity PumpOther

    Step 2: Process Adjustment

    In order to make our service integrate easily with your existing processes, there are a few pieces of information that need to be conveyed to our RTs when calls are transferred.  Please contact your call-service center or make the appropriate adjustments however necessary.  These pieces of information will need to be conveyed in every call:




    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Can our call service text your agents?  

    A: No.  We go to great lengths to provide a simple and HIPAA compliant pathway, and one way we keep the risk down is by requiring a phone call.  It also provides a warm handoff, improving your patient’s trust and overall satisfaction with the process.

    Q: How do your agents represent our company?  

    A: Our agents are trained to act as though they are at your business, including closing scripts that mention your brand by name.  In video calls, our agents may be wearing rtNOW clothing, but in every other way they will represent your company.

    Q: Are your agents capable of troubleshooting my equipment?  

    A: rtNOW agents are trained in troubleshooting a wide variety of HME/DME specific equipment.  If you provided a piece of equipment in our intake form that we are unfamiliar with, we will train our staff on it and reach out to ask for common problems and solutions.

    Q: How does the price-scaling work?  

    The higher the monthly volume, the cheaper the price.  Every three months we average the call volume for the previous 3 months.  Pricing will be based on that monthly average, and will be automatically applied on the next bill and locked in for 3 months.